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24 incredible deals at Anthropologie’s massive sale

24 incredible deals at Anthropologie's massive sale


24 incredible deals at Anthropologie’s massive sale

Courtney Campbell, Shayna Murphy and Isabelle Kagan

Published 3:52 PM EDT Sep 20, 2019

— Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA Today’s newsroom and any business incentives.

Although AnthroDay is a “holiday” that seems to appears every single season, it doesn’t make it any less exciting. It means that AnthroPerks members can get 20% off everything at Anthropologie. That’s a pretty hefty chunk of change, which is why we’re always excited to hear that the sale is back and better than ever. Even better, you can also get an extra 40% on sale items, which is like double the savings. To access the sale, you just have to sign up to be an AnthroPerks member, but it only asks for an email and your address (which you’ll need to provide if you buy anything anyway).

Since literally everything is at discount today, you might be a little overwhelmed. So we put together a list of some of the best things to get at Anthro from tried and true favorites to essentials you’ll want this fall. Just note that, on the Anthropologie site, the savings won’t appear until you check out. Your wallets might be protesting, but you can thank us later.

1. Sophie Faux Fur Throw Blanket

The Fireside Faux Throw was one of the most popular blankets at Anthropology. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore, but this Sophie Faux Fur Throw is the next best thing. It’s already receiving rave reviews and it comes it a ton of warm colors that will fit your fall vibe. It’s plush and soft and will be the only thing you’ll want to snuggle with this upcoming winter. We’re expecting these to sell out too, especially with a sale.

Get the Sophie Faux Fur Throw Blanket for $78.40 (Save $19.60)

2. Circular Tote Bag

This tote is a solid everyday option and is surprisingly massive. Seriously, this thing can fit so much more than your standard circle tote, and many reviewers say its roominess is one of its best features, with one raving, “It’s a little bigger than what it looks online but it’s not overwhelming! It’s great material too. I want every color!” With this sale price, you can spare it to handle the daily wear and tear of everyday use. 

Get the Circular Tote Bag for $70.40 (Save $17.60)

3. Byron Lars Carissima Sheath Dress 

This dress is more than just a party dress. This is the kind of dress you can keep and wear to literally everything. Got a wedding coming up? Wear it (but not in white, don’t be that girl). Headed to a social event and need something that’s kind of formal but also a little risqué too?  Wear it again. This dress gets rave reviews and it’s one of the most popular items at Anthro for a good reason. Super-structured and designed by Byron Lars, it comes in a variety of colors and features lace and appliqued flowers, which makes it feel ultra-feminine in a really good way.

Get the Byron Lars Carissima Sheath Dress for $206.4 (Save $51.60)

4. Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

You’ve probably seen them around your friends’ apartments or perhaps given one as a gift for Christmas or a birthday. It seems like everyone has come to the universal conclusion that Capri Blue’s Volcano scented candles have the best smell in the world. With their 4.5-star rating, hundreds of reviewers clearly love them as much as we all do. Aside from smelling totally amazing, they also have a pretty exterior and work great as a chic piece of decor. These candles are worth it at their full price, but this discount makes them even sweeter.

If burning candles makes you a bit nervous, you can get the same classic scent in a reed diffuser, too.

Get the Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle for $24 (Save $6)

Get the Capri Blue Reed Diffuser for $27.20 (Save $6.80)

5. Pilcro Washed Denim Jacket

A jean jacket is essential when going into the fall weather. It’s starting to get chilly outside, and once you’re in an office or restaurant the A/C is still going off—which is why you need a stylish, yet warm jacket. To add some edge to your look, go with a dark grey denim jacket—like this one. 

Get the Pilcro Washed Denim Jacket for $112 (Save $28)

6. Sam Edelman Boots

Sam Edelman makes some of the most popular and high-quality shoes out there, which is why you’re going to want one of these boots for fall. The Packer Booties offer a “cool girl vibe” while still being appropriate for work, and these popular Hilty Boots will add some height and style to any fall outfit. The Winona Suede Ankle Boots add a bit of country twang without being overbearing cowboy boots. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Get the Winona Suede Ankle Boots for $104 (Save $26)

Get the Sam Edelman Hilty Ankle Boots for $128 (Save $32)

Get the Sam Edelman Winona Suede Ankle Boots for $104 (Save $26)

7. Mackenzie Mock Neck Tunic Dress 

This tunic dress is just about the perfect piece to transition from summer to fall. Its light, airy quality and bold print will have heads turning as you walk down the street, and the mock neck offers enough coverage in case of any chilly autumn breezes. Style it with a belt and some booties, and you’ve got yourself one enviable look. 

Get the Mackenzie Mock Neck Tunic Dress for $120 (Save $30)

8. Satin Ponytail Holder Set

The reason I’m glad scrunchies are popular again is twofold. First, they make you feel like one of the Tanner girls, and second, they actually protect your hair from breakage because they’re way gentler than regular elastics. These satin ones from Anthro come in so many different colors, so you can coordinate them with any outfit or wear one on your wrist as a cute ’90s accessory. 

Get the Satin Ponytail Holder Set for $9.60 (Save $2.40)

9. Wayfaring Tee

We found your new go-to shirt, so get excited ladies. This cute, comfortable tee features a v-neck and a flutter sleeve that adds a feminine and fun twist, and elevates it from a basic t-shirt. Reviewers noted that it’s a relaxed fit and does run a little large though, so make sure to take than into account when selecting your size. 

Get the Wayfaring Tee for $38.40 (Save $9.60)

10. Velvet Elowen Chair 

Is there anything more luxurious or instantly glam than velvet? I think not. This Velvet Elowen Chair is the brass ring of chairs if you love all things velvet since it’s obviously covered with it and it’s ultra-soft to the touch. Available in a variety of colors and offset by some stylish gold legs, these chairs is just begging to be sunk into, and it works as dining room seating, or just put one or two in your living room by the bar cart for extra seating.

Get the Velvet Elowen Chair for $318.40 (Save $79.60)

11. Designer jeans

Jeans are important to own, yes, but not just any jeans. The right jeans. Some people don’t like spending a lot of money on jeans, and to those people, I say okay, but have you ever owned long-lasting, ultra comfortable designer jeans? The stretch, material, and style goes a long way—and their comfort does last a long time. When you can get a discount on trendy designer jeans, it is always a steal. These are our picks for the jeans Anthro is selling right now.

Get the AG The Nolan Mid-Rise Slim Boyfriend Jeans for $158.40 (Save $39.60)

Get the Paige Hoxton High-Rise Skinny Jeans for $158.40 (Save $39.60)

12. Troubadour Jumpsuit 

A jumpsuit as flattering as this one deserves an award, honestly. We’re obsessed with the floral print, flowy material, ruffled neckline, and open back—which is to say, everything about it. Whether you have a work event or a fall wedding to attend, we think it would be the perfect outfit choice to rake in the compliments.  

Get the Troubadour Jumpsuit for $120 (Save $30)

13. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

Skin needs so much more protection than most of us grew up thinking it did. Sunscreen, which might have once seemed like the kind of thing you only use on skin when you’re are the beach, is actually important to wear all year around. I’m guilty of forgetting sometimes in the fall, but this top-rated sunscreen by Supergoop is so lush on skin, you’ll look forward to incorporating it into your daily skincare routine. This lightweight blend offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, blue light, and infrared rays. It’s also safe to use on dry skin and it glides on smooth and feels nourishing, unlike some of those cheaper, goop-like sunscreens you get at the drugstore. 

Get the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen for $25.60 (Save $6.40)

14. Gleaming Primrose Mirror

This mirror has been super popular among the influencer community—and for a good reason. It’s stylish and bold and will open up any space you add it to. It could definitely make a small living room look a bit larger or look perfect atop a dresser or vanity in your bedroom. It’s normally fairly pricey, but with this sale you can be just like all those Insta-famous celebrities. 

Get the Gleaming Primrose Mirror for $358.40–$1,238.40 (Save $89.60-$309.60)

15. Bias Slip Dress

We all need a comfy yet sexy dress that we can throw on during the summer, and this one is perfect. Slip dresses are so on trend for 2019, and this one hugs you in all the right places. The fabric is soft and silky, meaning it’s comfortable too, plus it has a side slit to show off a hint of leg. It has an almost perfect 4.6-star rating from more than 50 reviewers, who praised it for fitting like a glove and for being easy to dress up or down. 

Get the Bias Slip Dress for $96 (Save $24)

16. Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban

As a person with thick, naturally frizz-prone hair, I’ve come to really appreciate the power of a good moisture-wicking towel. This super-soft turban offers exactly that and reviewers say it works wonders in the fight against frizz. Available in a variety of colors, this highly rated turban can supposedly cut drying time in half and folks who have tried it say that they noticed a significant difference in the amount of frizz they had after trying it out. 

Get the Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban for $24 (Save $6)

17. Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Over-The Knee Logan Boots

It feels like I’ve been seeing these boots everywhere over the last couple of weeks and I have serious shoe envy. These over-the-knee suede boots from Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn are so sexy, but you can get away with wearing them all over the place, not just after hours. You can get them in a few different shades (I’m all about the classic black though personally), and because they’re slouchy, they can work with a skirt and tights or a pair of tucked-in skinny jeans. The options are pretty much endless with them. 

Get the Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Over-the-Knee Logan Boots for $160 (Save $40)

18. Matte Latte Bowls

Latte bowls are becoming quite trendy for their minimalist design and legitimate usefulness—unlike those trendy dinnerware items that hold like one almond. These bowls manage to make even a mushy bowl of oatmeal actually look appetizing. They’re also a great size for cereal, ice cream, or a mix of assorted snacks. I love them, and your kitchen needs them.

Get the Matte Latte Bowls, Set of 4 for $19.20 (Save $4.80)

19. Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Embroidered Sadie Pillow

For all those who love watching Fixer Upper, the Joanna Gaines collection at Anthropologie is a very exciting line of home decor. It’s composed of incredible rugs, throw pillows, wallpaper, and other good stuff that will give your home a fashionable farmhouse upgrade. If you didn’t already know, Joanna Gaines is a master of home decor, and her entire collection—including these incredible pillows—is discounted, too.

Get the Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Embroidered Sadie Pillow for $38.40-$54.40 (Save $9.60-$13.60)

20. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Making the switch over to silk pillowcases can be a game changer for anyone with curly hair or who wakes up with a ton of frizz. There are tremendous benefits to switching to silk, since unlike cotton, silk will help your hair retain its natural oils, making it less likely to frizz out and get dry or matted in the morning. They typically don’t have cheap, which is why this sale may be the time to buy one.

Get the Slip Silk Pillowcase for $68 (Save $17)

21. Removable wallpaper

One of the hottest design trends right now is removable wallpaper. It’s perfect for sprucing up a space or for rentals where you aren’t allowed to paint. Just simply cover up that boring beige paint and you can remove it before you move out without causing any damage. Anthropologie has some incredible designs that I am obsessed with. Even just adding some wallpaper (like the palm pattern pictured above) to one wall will completely change the the room. And because it’s removable, you can switch it out in a few months for endless design options.

Get the Pacifico Palm Wallpaper for $46.40-$119 (Save $11.60-$29.80)

Get the Blithe Wallpaper for $134.40 (Save $33.60)

Get the Lola Wallpaper for $118.40 (Save $29.60)

22. Suede Moto Jacket

You can’t go wrong with adding a moto jacket to your wardrobe, especially when it looks like this one. Made from genuine suede, it has all the classic features of the moto jacket style with decorative top stitching, a belted waist, and zip front. You can choose from five colors including “rich cherry” and “herb” that will be perfect to rock this fall.

Get the Suede Moto Jacket for $158.40 (Save $39.60)

23. White-Dipped Ladder

While you cannot climb this ladder, it does serve a very important design purposes. Decor ladders have been trendy for years, but they’re extra popular right now and this sale is the perfect time to get in on the trend. They not only look good on their own, but look even more fashionable with a scarf or blanket draped on the rungs. Hey, you can even hang your dirty clothes on it—just remove them later so you don’t totally ruin the aesthetic. 

Get the White-Dipped Ladder for $78.40 (Save $19.60)

24. Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are just so nice to have around the house, especially when you need to destress after a crappy day at work. While we haven’t tested this oil diffuser out, it’s seriously a total beauty. Handcrafted from porcelain, this diffuser works with all your favorite oils and comes with multiple programming options, so you can set it, forget it, and go about the business of relaxing once you’re done for the day.

Get the Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser for $95.20 (Save $23.80)

Shop the entire AnthroDay sale and save 20% on everything

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