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8 benefits job candidates want at a job

8 benefits job candidates want at a job


8 benefits job candidates want at a job


In today’s competitive job market, attracting talent is a challenge. That’s why it’ll help your business to be in tune with what candidates are looking for. The following benefits topped workers’ list in a recent Jobvite job seeker survey, so it pays to focus on them as part of your compensation package.

1. Healthcare

Medical care is a major expense for workers of all ages, so it’s not shocking that job seekers consider solid health benefits a must-have. If you want to entice candidates to work for you, aim to offer superior health coverage, including a highly subsidized plan with wellness perks (think paid gym memberships).

2. A 401(k) plan

Financially savvy job searchers know that their retirements aren’t going to be cheap. If you want to draw in candidates, make sure to offer a 401(k) plan. And if the one your company chooses offers a wide selection of investments and low fees, even better.

3. 401(k) matching

While not offering a 401(k) could be a deal-breaker for job seekers, simply providing that plan isn’t necessarily enough to attract prime candidates. Employer matching dollars are also important, especially for older workers who often count on those subsidies to catch up on savings in time for retirement. Most companies that sponsor 401(k)s also match employee contributions to some degree, so don’t be in the minority.

4. Bonuses

In today’s “always on” culture, employees want to be rewarded for their hard work. So job searchers tend to favor companies that offer bonus opportunities. You can structure yours to be based on individual performance, company performance, or a combination of both.

5. Parental leave

Most U.S. companies fall short when it comes to offering parental leave. If you want to set your company apart, establish a generous policy that gives new parents the time they need to adjust to their new family dynamic. This includes parents who adopt.

6. Casual dress

Most workers today don’t want to be forced to come to the office in stuffy suits that cost a fortune to buy and dry-clean. Casual dress is a perk many job seekers expect, so unless there’s a compelling reason to go formal, it pays to consider it.

7. Education subsidies

Many workers want to continue growing their skills even after they’re gainfully employed. But continuing education is expensive, and as such, many turn to their employers to help foot the bill. By offering education subsidies, you send the message that you’re willing to invest in your workers, and that you care about helping them advance their careers.

8. The option to work remotely

Many companies these days are giving workers more flexibility so they can maintain a better work-life balance. As such, job seekers today want the option to work remotely, whether that means setting up an office at home or getting to travel and work from someplace overseas.

Understanding what benefits are most important to job candidates can help you focus your resources to attract the right talent. Target the above perks, and with any luck, you’ll have job searchers lining up to work for you.

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