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Amileader – a runway for taking your business to the Internet

Amileader is the new look at your business


Amileader – a runway for taking your business to the Internet

The Internet era doesn’t only provide new business opportunities but also makes the competition tougher. Your company’s office, a store, a restaurant, a clinic can work certain days and hours, your business, however, is supposed to work 24/7 to stay afloat. It means your business should be represented on the Web – the information about your company and product should be positive and selling. This sophisticated task can be fulfilled quickly and efficiently by the Amileader system.

Amileader: get a head start for working online

Amileader is a technology to take the business to the Internet. It is based on many-year hands-on experience of its developers – the experts of the advertising company “Amillidius”. Promoting the companies from different industries on the Web, they designed and integrated the techniques of marketing, copywriting, design, SEO, and PR, which proved to be efficient.

The development of the experts from the advertising company Amillidius - Amileader system

Is your business not on the Web yet? Then you just don’t have a business! This idea was suggested by Bill Gates as early as at the end of the last century. And the decades later, these prophetic words have many times been proved true in practice. The most illustrative example of how right he was relates to the lockdown effect, hitting the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. The world crisis has, in fact, ruined about a third of the companies, the activity of which was focused offline. To avoid such mistakes in the future and protect yourself from the fatal consequences of economic crises, you need to secure your place in the Internet space. It is the answer to the question “What shall I do?” and it’s on the surface. While the answer to the question “How shall I do it?” takes more elaborate consideration. Or it used to… before the Amileader system emerged on the advertising market. Today, Amileader will safely bridge the gap between your company and Google, which is the most powerful source of shaping your prospective customer’s trust.

Amileader – a team of professionals plus a savvy algorithm of actions.

By applying Amileader, the business avoids mistakes and does not waste its budget

Most surely, you can try and develop the Web component of your business yourself. However, the lack of special knowledge, skills, and tools will prevent you from getting a result. If you are a professional in your industry, you realize that you need to entrust a crucial task of launching your business on the Web to other professionals. The expert team from the advertising company Amillidius will set up your business under the Amileader system within short terms and at the best price. Depending on the business scale and the tasks set, you can choose one of the three packages: Amileader Start, Amileader Standard, and Amileader Premium.

Amileader Start is a kick-start for your business in the Internet space

Amileader Start is the basic level of conquering the Internet. In this case, a customer company gets 10 selling articles on the various Internet sources in any language zone. They will present the brand and product in full, emphasize the most appealing features of goods and services, and place emphasis on their competitive advantages. Thanks to the efforts of the promotion team, these publications will shape the top of the Google search results for the requests, containing the names of the company or a product. Now, anyone interested in your company, its goods or services, will get the trust-shaping information from Google. Google being familiar with your company and recommending it on the first page of the search results becomes the chief criterion of the choice for today’s consumer. The information presented correctly with the help of Amileader generates trust – a powerful purchase driver. Prospective partners and investors also trust the well-established opinion of Google. What will help you not only maintain the result you get but also keep advancing are the packages with more options – Amileader Standard and Amileader Premium.

Amileader: options for promoting various tasks and scaling up the business

Amileader in action: the company’s reputation translates into profit.

Amileader is also a foundation for advertising campaigns. The interest, evoked in the target audience by contextual and targeted advertising, partner and agency schemes, bring the prospective customers to Google. Before making their mind, they need to make sure the company is reliable and its product is of good quality. Amileader enables the business to win the customers’ trust, drives them to make a purchase, and, eventually, delivers higher profits.

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