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Apple’s $1,000 Pro Display stand is getting mocked on Twitter

Apple's $1,000 Pro Display stand is getting mocked on Twitter


Apple’s $1,000 Pro Display stand is getting mocked on Twitter


On Monday, at an annual developer’s conference, Apple announced a professional-level monitor: The Pro Display XDR, which is a $5,000 32-inch Retina 6K screen that boasts a long list of high-tech features that average users probably don’t need.

If you order the product online, you’ll receive the monitor, a Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable, a power cord and a polishing cloth in the package.

What you don’t get, however, is the stand to hold up the screen. That’ll cost you $1,000, the same price as a brand new iPhone XS.

Apple boastfully promotes the stand’s adjustability – you can control its height, tilt and rotation – but that’s not enough to make people think that the screen stand is worth the cost. 

Apple fans started criticizing the tech giant on Twitter for releasing “a piece of metal for $1k.”

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“Has Apple lost base with reality?” writes Twitter user @Sikorade. “At that price the thing better be made of Vibranium straight from Wakanda courtesy of Stark Industries,” writes Twitter user @Harpersbazaar. 

Others said that Apple is “finessing customers” calling the move “evil,” “stupid” and “greedy.”

Twitter user @ZeroxFusionsz asks, “Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea?” Twitter user @austinnoduncan writes, “How can Apple justify a $1000 stand? There is no way it’s worth that. It’s a stand.”

Apple hasn’t offered an explanation for the Pro Stand’s cost.

Still, the new product’s design is sleek and modern, just as you’d expect from the tech giant. “It’s stable without taking up much space,” Apple says on its website. “And its ability to rotate to landscape or portrait makes it perfect for any type of work.”

Along with the stand and the monitor, Apple unveiled a new $6,000 computer that people on social media say looks like a cheese grater. 

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A full system consisting of the new Mac Pro computer, $5,000 screen and $1,000 monitor holder will run you at least $12,000. Depending on the upgrades added, Mac Pro customers could be looking at a bill around $20,000 or more. 

While the system’s price makes it clear that it’s not designed for the average Apple customer, several of Apple’s products are also becoming less affordable over time. 

The starting price of Apple’s newest iPhone in 2016, the iPhone 7, was $649. In 2018, Apple raised the starting price of its most affordable new iPhone, the XR, to $749. 

In 2017, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro started at $649, but the 11-inch alternative starts at $799. Also, in 2017, the Mac Mini had a starting price of $499. Within a year, the starting price had bumped up to $799.

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