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Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert and owner of the advertising agency Amillidius, promotes Ukrainian marketing in Europe

Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert, is a participant of the business events at the Monaco Yacht Show


Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert and owner of the advertising agency Amillidius, promotes Ukrainian marketing in Europe

Monaco is truly a sacred place for rich people and business community of all ranks. It is a permanent venue of international conferences, congresses, and forums, visited by heads of states, numerous experts, and opinion leaders. Our fellow citizens are also appealed by Monaco’s business potential. Recently, Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert and the owner of the advertising company Amillidius, visited Monaco Yacht Show. Together with Elvira Gavrilova, the producer, they came to visit a world-famous show to meet business partners, negotiate with the prospective customers, and establish new business contacts. 

Bogdan Terzi: the business expert visits Monaco to discover new ways for his company’s development.

The owner of the advertising company Amillidius praises networking opportunities in Monaco

Among the Yacht Show guests, there were most successful business owners, including the advertising business, which is actively developed in Ukraine by Bogdan Terzi. The business expert said that “it would be very interesting to learn how the yachting marketing works; to find out about novelties in marketing in Europe”. Promising business contacts, established at the numerous presentations and parties, have every chance to evolve into strong business cooperation. 

One of the memorable meetings – the one with the Icon Connect CEO – took place on day one of their visit to Monte Carlo, at the private party where Bogdan and Elvira were invited.  Glyn Hutchinson invited his Ukrainian colleagues to his company’s office. His company provides safety and comfort to the yacht owners thanks to the intellectual “smart-home”-like systems. “When you communicate with the person with such a gigantic experience in IT, you realize that the fantastic future we used to dream of in our childhood, is now.” Today, you can navigate your yacht from your tablet. It was very insightful to discuss several marketing ideas with Mr Hutchinson”, – said Bogdan Terzi.

New horizons in Amillidius development – negotiations on participation in VIP-projects

Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert, offered the plan of promoting Amaala on the Internet. He now negotiates with the project’s founders

The next item on their Monaco trip agenda was a visit to Amaala company. Nicholas Naples, the company’s CEO, spoke about tourist mega-project which would captivate by its exclusive architecture and unprecedented luxury. The resort island would become a unique “tourism ecosystem” for the world’s richest people.  The efficient use of the World Web to invite investors to the project – this is what was suggested by Bogdan Terzi. The business expert negotiates on Amillidius’s participation in Amaala’s PR campaigns. 

After the numerous presentations and press-conferences, there were moments of having some rest, that is visiting luxurious yachts, taking part in the Monaco Yacht Show, tasting the local cuisine at the famous restaurants. Among many meetings they had,  the highlights were the meetings with Prince Michele of Yugoslavia, the financier and public figure, his Royal Highness Carlo Bourbon de Sicily, and their long-time friend – Baron Alexander Zanzer, the businessman and producer. Before leaving home, Bogdan and Elvira managed to find some time for visiting Cannes to meet their long-term partners and discuss their further plans. “The European experience can be applied in the Ukrainian environment, too, and Ukrainian projects are likely to draw the attention of Western colleagues, – says Bogdan Terzi. The marketing expert invites those interested in using European innovations for business development to his web-site. There, you can always find some fresh information and get a piece of advice from the professional.

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