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Democrats Asked to Support Save the Internet Act


Democrats Asked to Support Save the Internet Act

Last week Democrats began the new round of struggle for network neutrality in the United States. For the previous administration, the principle of neutrality on the Internet was important: US President Barack Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to develop the strictest possible rules of non-interference in preferences of the Internet consumer. If access to some web pages is faster than to others, the principle of network neutrality is violated.

Trump’s Critics

The popular British telecom, John Oliver, who hosts his show on the American HBO television platform, has returned to the question of the Internet neutrality in his program. According to Oliver, it is quite predictable that in the case of net neutrality, the Trump administration decided to cancel something that was adopted in the Obama era.

Opponents of the net neutrality principle believe that it puts excessive pressure on business. However, advocates are confident that this is about justice, freedom of speech and the absence of commercial censorship. Otherwise, the one who paid more would take out competitors with his cash flow.

Which of the Internet Giants Support Neutrality?

Netflix, Amazon, and another 170 companies joined the protest of activists who launched a campaign on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Etsy, Mozilla, Vimeo, and Kickstarter also supported the existing principle of network neutrality. “We have already collected more than 40 thousand comments from Americans. Some of them will be disposed on the main browser page. We want to emphasize what response it evokes in people,” told Ashley Boyd, Mozilla Vice President.

How Do Providers Respond?

Comcast, the largest US broadband Internet provider, has already announced that it generally agrees with the principle of network neutrality and finds the current FCC rules unacceptable. “We continue to maintain strong, law-defined network neutrality that will give our customers all the benefits of an open Internet,” said David Cohen, Comcast board member.

At the same time, providers fear that each subsequent presidential administration will want to change the FCC rules in its own way.

In the recent presentation of Save the Internet Act, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presented figures on this hot topic: 86% of Americans support the Act, including 82% of Republicans. Finally, small businesses all over the US realize the importance of this topic, supporting the effort to protect and preserve a free and open Internet.

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