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Elvira Gavrilova – the designer of luxury-segment women’s clothing

Elvira Gavrilova sees fashion design as a way to reach her creative potential


Elvira Gavrilova – the designer of luxury-segment women’s clothing

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. Those getting involved in this continuous whirlpool keep looking for new solutions, which will not only catch attention but also be given two cheers in the world of fashion. And only the most talented and persistent become famous here. One of these people is Elvira Gavrilova – the designer from Odessa, Ukraine. 

Many designers get inspired by the art, by the fashion shows from the past seasons, and even from the styles, trending centuries ago. Elvira Gavrilova discovers the ideas for her new collections at the European fashion weeks where she is a regular guest, but also in nature. Her clothes feature both bright spring and summer colors and quiet fall and winter shades. The gowns from the luxury-segment collections are sold out as soon as they are presented at the fashion shows. Among the proud owners of these outfits, there are business-ladies, politicians, actresses, famous TV hosts, and other public people. The trendy fashion designer from Odessa creates the wear for self-sufficient women, who – just like herself – have reached high in their social lives and businesses. 

Elvira Gavrilova: the formula of success of the talented Ukrainian designer

Elvira Gavrilova – the designer who makes women's dreams come true

“Women deserve to be wearing luxury, stylish but also comfortable clothing,” says Elvira Gavrilova, the designer and a creative person with the entrepreneurial spirit. By developing her fashion business, she has reached her creative potential and made it to the top of Ukrainian fashion designers. The elegant outfits by Elvira Gavrilova are in demand not only among fashionistas in Ukraine but also in Europe, Asia, and America, which host the brand’s showrooms, too. Women’s clothing by Elvira Gavrilova is of very high quality. “I control all the processes, – emphasizes the fashion designer. – We order the fabrics from the well-established European factories, and the clothing is tailored and made up on the modern Italian equipment, with some elements being hand-made”. All the items are produced with carefully selected top-quality fabrics. The designer usually opts for natural silk, wool, satin, chiffon, and other “honorable” fabrics.

Every outfit – either a luxurious evening gown, formal suit, airy blouse or elegant trousers – features the exquisite taste of Elvira Gavrilova. Unlike the collections of many fashion designers, which are only good for the catwalks, the women wearing Elina Gavrilova’s clothing can be spotted on the social circuits, at the offices of large companies, at the international events. The fashion savvy have a chance to regularly replenish their wardrobes by the stylish clothing because Elvira Gavrilova, the designer of great creativity, updates the line of her collections several times a year. All models are produced in a short run or hand-tailored. This exclusiveness is something that particularly attracts women who believe it is important for the clothing to fit well on their body as well to reflect their spirit and individuality. “The best compliments to me is when I’m told that my clothes draw attention and appeal to the people around,” admits Elvira.

Ukrainian show-business star Iryna Bilyk wearing an exclusive dress by Elvira Gavrilova

Inspiration, ideas, and their fulfillment – the new line of clothes by Elvira Gavrilova

It is not only luxury segment clothing by Elvira Gavrilova that enjoys the demand but also a trendy and practical one – formal suits, blouses, skirts, shirts, trousers, boiler suits, outerwear. “Elvira Gavrilova brand creates new collections of luxury-segment clothing which shines out on the singers, actresses, and business ladies,” tells Elvira Gavrilova. The designer plans to expand her consumer segment – some looks will become affordable for a larger number of fashionistas of different age. A person of many talents, Elvira Gavrilova is not only a famous fashion designer but also a producer, the Chief Editor of the popular glossy business-magazine Financoff, and a public figure. Thanks to her vigorous spirit, she manages to organize the operation processes in the way that every project becomes a great success.

The multi-faceted activities of Elvira Gavrilova inspire many women

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