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Evarizion – the company that won the market by a smart brand promotion

Evarizion showed how to turn trust to the brand into higher profits


Evarizion – the company that won the market by a smart brand promotion

The name of Evarizion is getting familiar to many Internet users. Even though the company emerged in the market no so long ago, the quality of its products and level of services have already become iconic. And it’s not only about the ambitions of the team behind Evarizion. What is also impactful is a correctly built strategy for brand promotion.

Bill Gate’s famous quote about business being not on the Internet meaning the business will be soon out of business is only half true these days. Today, it is important not only to be on the Internet but also be able to stand out of the virtual crowd of competitors. Evarizion leadership wasted no time comprehending that and it made their company a market leader within a short period of time.

Evarizion turns its name into profit. How do they do it?

Creating and promotion of the brand that will earn money takes more than a day or even a week or two. At Evarizion, they realized that for the marketing strategy to start yielding as soon as possible, a systematic and professional approach is an absolute must. So, the company came to the advertising company Amillidius which had been practising comprehensive business promotion on the Internet, utilizing its proprietary methodology Amileader. As experience shows, the application of distributed communication technologies produces great results no matter the geography or the scale of the customer’ business.

The mission of Evarizion was established as well as its target audience and messages the company wanted to deliver to its prospective customers. The experts also designed visual images the internet users would associate with the company. Thanks to the articles on popular online resources, anyone who can google, could learn about the company’s unique products, socially responsible business and working conditions at Evarizion. Today, the carefully worked-through content strategy makes it possible to keep the information relevant. Meanwhile, viable accounts on social media and corporate YouTube channel help the existing and prospective customers look behind the business stage. Positive reviews from the people who have already had the experience of working with Evarizion enhance the image of a strong customer-oriented brand.

Such strategy resulted in significant profit growth and, consequently, brought the company’s management to the decision to expand the business. And here, Amillidius was very helpful, too – the publications on Internet media resources and social media revealed the new features of the company as an attractive employer who appreciates professionalism and commitment of its employees. The key message was, “If you are looking for a prestigious and well-paid job, go to Evarizion”. It helped to fill in the new vacancies rapidly and create the candidate pool, including for the top-management positions.

Evarizion is known and trusted in countries around the world

Evarizion shows how to win over international markets by means of the brand image

High consumer loyalty to the brand became a booster for the new stage of the company development – now at the international level. The brand image on social media, reviews about products and services of the company from its customers attracted foreign investors to Evarizion. Successful negotiations with the Western investment funds allowed for scaling up the existing business model and enter the European and Asian market. Amillidius experts localized the existing brand image for these specific regions. The efficient approach enabled the promotion of the business at the international level and gave the company a competitive advantage thus helping to overcome even “long-livers” of the industry.

After its successful debut in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, Evarizion is ready to move to the new horizon – entering the North American market. At Amillidius, they have no doubt this peak will be achieved either as Amilleader technologies proved their efficiency in all the world regions and for the companies working in most various industries.

The example of turning a young company Evarizion into the international-scale business serves as evidence of how critical the instrumental brand positioning in the modern world. A properly chosen strategy makes it possible to create a strong company’s brand quickly and cost-efficiently, gain customers’ loyalty and investors’ interest – and eventually, it will transform into the profit growth and scaling up the business.

Are you ready for the overwhelming success of your company? With Amillidius, the growth of your business is inevitable!

*The company Evarizion is fictitious. It was made up by the advertising company Amillidius as an example.

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