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Fostylen is Financoff, which has become brighter and more versatile, Elvira Gavrilova announced the magazine’s rebranding

Fostylen: Elvira Gavrilova presents the rebranding of the Financoff magazine


Fostylen is Financoff, which has become brighter and more versatile, Elvira Gavrilova announced the magazine’s rebranding

Modern media must constantly evolve to expand the readership and always arouse its interest. Change, renewal is an organic process that helps to survive among competitors. And this concerns not only the content. The internal content that has often changed, requires a new name over time. Fostylen is the name given to the Financoff international business gloss after rebranding. Elvira Gavrilova, co-owner and chief editor of the magazine, promised readers that their favorite publication would become even brighter and more interesting.


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Fostylen is the new name and new horizons of the Financoff magazine

Fostylen - news and useful information from the luxury world

“We have long stopped writing only about business, only about investments and politics in Financoff”, the chief editor explains the need for rebranding. The magazine has long become a full-fledged lifestyle publication, a modern lifestyle encyclopedia. The articles were getting more and more diverse year by tear, uniting all spheres of a modern business people’s life, all topics interesting to them under one cover. Business news, traveling, innovations, fashion, design, culture, reports from the red carpet and world forums, expensive cars, yachts, and jewelry; soon the whole world will open in front of the Fostylen readers, in publications filled with inspiration.


It’s not the first rebranding experience for the magazine and its chief editor. Elvira Gavrilova turned once a small regional publication into a popular international Financoff business gloss. The magazine quickly gained popularity in the new format. Famous businessmen, public figures, representatives of royal dynasties, and show business stars willingly gave interviews to its journalists. New meetings with those who change our world and shape our outlook on life await readers on the Fostylen pages.

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Fostylen — your lifestyle on gloss pages

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The same professional team of journalists, photographers, designers, and editors is working on the updated business gloss. In the first Fostylen issue, which will soon be out of print, readers will find many interesting topical publications. As before, the magazine will be published once a month. But the area of ​​its distribution will expand significantly. And this means that even more readers around the world will be able to get acquainted with the new bright, colorful, and inspiring lifestyle publication.

The first Fostylen issue will be out of print soon

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