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Four Museums That Will Open In 2019


Four Museums That Will Open In 2019

Here are some of the most impressive museums opening this year. A worthy reason to book a flight to a new art destination!

1. The Humboldt Forum in Berlin

This 675-million-dollar project is expected to create a whole new cultural area in the city center. The Humboldt Forum will comprise The Ethnological Museum of Berlin and the Museum of Asian Art. Its founding father is Neil MacGregor, previously Director of the British Museum. Labeled “the German equivalent” of the latter, it will compete with one of the greatest cultural spaces in the world. In fact, it is expected to become an international center for culture. The new building has its seat in the reconstructed Berlin Palace on the Museum Island.

2. The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

This building, created by renowned Frenchman Jean Nouvel, will replace the original Qatar National Museum. It literally rises from the sea, with two pedestrian bridges and one vehicular bridge connecting it to the shore. Nouvel drew inspiration from the desert rose, and the museum complex grows around the original palace of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassim Al Thani, which reflects the interconnection of the present and the past. The total area is 430,000 square feet (40,000 m2), and interlocking discs create cavities protecting visitors from the heat.

3. Centre Pompidou in Shanghai

The Centre Pompidou Shanghai will open in West Bund Art Museum. The French organization’s Chinese outpost is part of a cooperation project between the nations. An industrial area on the banks of the Huangpu River has now been transformed into a “cultural corridor” where visitors can see impressive private museums, including an art gallery with an undulating brick facade. The new 25,000-square-metre museum comprises three 18-meter-tall gallery volumes, and it is centered around a lobby with three stories and a soaring triple-height atrium. In its first five years, the gallery is scheduled to house over two dozen events and exhibitions showing Chinese art alongside collections from the Beaubourg gallery.

4. The Shed in New York

This cultural center is being constructed in the Bloomberg Building on Manhattan. Its retractable shell creates a space for large-scale events, performances, and installations. The center also includes a 500-seat theater, and two levels of exhibition space. The purpose is to bring together a wide range of activities. Visual and performing arts, as well as pop culture, will be exhibited here.

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