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French door refrigerators you’ll love



French door refrigerators you’ll love


French door refrigerators are more popular than ever—and it’s hardly a surprise. Their sleek appearance gives a contemporary kitchen a designer look, and they work well for families with children, who are able to reach their favorite foods without help from a grown-up.

Why French door refrigerators are a better choice

French door refrigerators keep more fresh food at eye level compared to top-freezer models. It’s easy to organize groceries on their wide shelves and multiple bins. Unlike top-freezer refrigerators, French door fridges make it easy to grab fruits and veggies out of crisper drawers without bending your knees, and many French door models also include a deli drawer at waist height, the ideal space to store cold cuts and kids’ snacks at their eye level. Some higher-end models are versatile enough to let you adjust the drawer’s temperature, so you might sometimes use it to hold cold beverages.

Frozen food, which people typically reach for less often, resides in a bottom drawer, providing the full width to accommodate large frozen pizzas and sheet pans. That’s something most side-by-side refrigerators can’t handle, so score another point for the French door style.

Credit: / Jackson Ruckar

We measure each shelf of each refrigerator to determine the amount of usable space.

How and why we test fridges

We test French door refrigerators using the same rigorous criteria we use to test any style of fridge—by measuring temperature, humidity loss, time to reach the freezing point, usable space, and energy efficiency.

In addition to making our evaluation based on science, we consider each refrigerator’s user experience—how easy is it to open the doors, how smoothly the crispers slide, how well the digital controls operate, and whether the ice drops directly into your glass or sprays all over the kitchen.

Why a French door refrigerator is a good value

You can spend $10,000 on a French door refrigerator, but you don’t have to dig that deep when there are much more affordable models on the market. If you buy a handsome French door fridge you know it will stand as the highlight of your modern kitchen for a long time—it’s a classic. French door models are currently the most popular style, and they up your design game at every price point. We’ve tested some amazing stainless steel French door fridges that for under $1,500, so you can embrace the aesthetic and the value.

Refrigerators in this style are more than attractive—they’re convenient and easy to use. They come equipped with desirable features like cold drawers and ice dispensers, and they have room in the freezer for large frozen pizzas and frozen entrees. Their narrow doors won’t hit your cabinets every time you open them. And one of French door fridges’ biggest advantages: They’re available at a variety of price points to make them accessible to many homeowners.

French door refrigerators you’ll love

After testing dozens of French door refrigerators in our labs, we think you and your kitchen will enjoy these:

Samsung RF260BEAESR


Credit: Samsung

The Samsung RF260BEAESR is one of the best French door refrigerators we’ve ever tested, and it’s affordably priced.

A sleek, affordable model with high-end features, the Samsung RF260BEAESR preserves food at consistent temperatures, provides bright interior light, and offers three different temperature settings on the deli drawer. The main thing you give up in this model is a through-the-door ice dispenser—it’s inside the freezer—but its reasonable price point makes up for that minor inconvenience.

Get the Samsung RF260BEAESR French Door Refrigerator for $1,294.70 at Appliances Connection

LG LFX25973S


Credit: LG

The LG-LFX25973S holds its temperature consistently, makes plenty of ice, and the freezer has upper and lower drawers, providing excellent organization.

In our lab tests, we’ve seen strong results from a variety of LG French door refrigerators. The LG LFX25973S is a beauty inside and out. Its interior is clearly lit, so you won’t lose track of your leftovers, and temperatures in both the refrigerator and the freezer stay consistent. The freezer drawers have dividers to make them easy to organize. This fridge dispenses water and ice through the door, and don’t hesitate to invite your friends over—the LFX25973S’s dual ice makers produce enough ice for a crowd.

Get the LG LFXS26973S French Door Refrigerator for $2,200.10 at Appliances Connection



Credit: GE Cafe

The GE Cafe CYE22TP2MS1French door refrigerator can be the queen of your kitchen. While you’re meal-prepping, you can use its hot water dispenser to make a cup of tea.

The GE Café series of French door refrigerators contains several strong performers, like this champ with a classy design. A counter-depth model, ideal for a built-in look, the CYE22TP2MS1 rocks an easy-to-organize interior, an adjustable-temperature deli drawer, water and ice dispensed through the door, and an LED lighting scheme. The CYE22TP2MS1 stands out from other refrigerators on the market because, using its hot water dispenser, you can make yourself a cup of tea from the right from the door.

Get the GE Café CYE22TP2MS1 French Door Refrigerator for $3,080 at Appliances Connection

Prices are accurate at the time of publication but may change over time.

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