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Gas prices in California soar above $4.60 a gallon, hitting record high numbers

Inflation surges to 31-year high. What the jump in consumer prices means for your pocketbook, Joe Biden's troubles


Gas prices in California soar above $4.60 a gallon, hitting record high numbers

Gas prices surge to seven-year highIf you’ve had to fill up lately, we don’t have to tell you gas prices have nearly doubled in the past 17 months. In fact, the national average price has hit a seven-year high.A gallon of unleaded gas averages $3.27 nationwide.Newsy, NewsyGas prices in California have broken a new record with an average price tag of $4.687 for a regular gallon as of Tuesday morning, according to the American Automobile Association.It was the third day in a row the state has recorded record breaking prices as Monday’s average gas price was $4.682 and Sunday’s was $4.676 which broke the previous state record of $4.671 in October 2012.Cities likes Oakland, Redding, Sacramento and San Francisco all broke previous records for gas prices on Tuesday. A year ago, the average price was $3.177 in California and $2.125 nationally. Higher crude oil prices and an increased demand for fuel have driven prices up AAA Southern California spokesman Doug Shupe told the Los Angeles Times. Gas prices rise to a seven-year high: Here’s a look at states where drivers pay the mostWhat is inflation?: Increase in prices for gas, food, energy raise concern“We had really, really low demand during the pandemic, and then it just ramped up rapidly as more and more people became vaccinated,” Shupe said. “The desire to get out there and travel really picked up quickly.”Nationally, gas prices have decreased slightly with the average price for a gallon of gas at $3.41, down a penny from last week, the AAA said in a press release. “A slight dip in gas demand, possibly due to seasonal driving habit changes, is contributing to some price relief at the pump,”  Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson said in the release. “Unfortunately, the ongoing tight supply of crude oil will likely keep gas prices fluctuating, instead of dropping, for some time.”Follow reporter Asha Gilbert @Coastalasha. Email:

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