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Konstantin Skoptsov — an artist that mastered symbolism

Artist Konstantin Skoptsov, the founder of Semantic Realism style


Konstantin Skoptsov — an artist that mastered symbolism

Konstantin Skoptsov is an Odessa native, whose artworks are appreciated by art collectors and intellectual elite all over the world. The secret of his popularity lies in the unique technique of drawing on leather, created and developed by the artist, and also in the unmistakable style of Semantic Realism combining Art and Philosophy, that Skoptsov has founded. Art world addresses him as an “Artist that one could read”, and true to it Skoptsov’s artworks should be “read.” An initial attempt to evaluate and absorb his art at a glimpse might easily fail, the mosaic effect of the multiple symbols, imagery and details might be overwhelming. Ones we slow down, however, and take our time to truly submerge into the piece of art, it will share its story with us, full of meanings and references to cultures from all over the world. 

Konstantin Skoptsov: approaching art world through sport and philosophy

“I have first become passionate about art through my philosophical studies” — states the artist.” -”And strangely enough, my interest in philosophy was born from the Karate world, back in the 1970s, when martial art in the Soviet Union was the true harbour for the intellectuals and participants might have been easily prosecuted by the state receiving up to a jail term”. Artist’s instructor in the Far Eastern martial arts – Fam Zui Zui had introduced him to the Dao teachings and a Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching. Skoptsov also gets interested in studying Sufi teaching. Konstantin continues his search for Far Eastern wisdom by mastering the Holy Vedas, and The Zend-Avesta, later moving on to the antiquity philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius and school of Gnosticism.

Later on an interest in Northern Renaissance arises, primarily in the German Medieval Philosophy.

 “No wonder my head is like a “salad” of teachings and concepts” — jokes the artist. It is due to such a multifaceted knowledge of so many principles and teachings Konstantin Skoptsov was able to form and conceptualize his Semantic Realism style and share his unique art pieces with the world.

Konstantin Skoptsov, the author of philosophically themed illustrations, graphic drawings and paintings

Initially, the desire to interpret books that he has studied, made him pick up an artist brush. The very first art done by Skoptsov were illustrations to the books that were on his reading list at the time — Edgar Allan Poe, Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce, Gustav Meyrink and a few others. Gradually, the new artist had advanced his literary studies from Romantic literature authors to more deeply philosophical ones. Also, the artist has set apart time for extensive Biblical studies, and used the obtained insights in many of his later illustrations.   

The artworks by Konstantin Skoptsov: A mystery as an essential part of Study Room Art

The artworks by Skoptsov are meant to decorate the walls of Study Rooms, Libraries and private offices — places of concentration of creative thought, quiet attention and contemplation. Although traditionally the size format of similar art style would be smaller, Konstantin manages to break yet another unwritten rule. Pieces he creates are large scale, sometimes over 80 inches.The artist is convinced that the larger sized art would still be very fitting of the space, and that the main focus should be placed on the contextual part of the art piece. 

The study room or a library isn’t just the place for being alone, it is historically also a place where the homeowner would collect “curiosities”. The paintings on the study walls would be required to attract attention, stimulate intellect and creativity. Skoptsov’s art seems to be perfectly fitting these criteria. Attention catching, they lure in by not revealing all their secrets at once, thus becoming a perfectly befitting item for the room. They stay tet-a-tet with the viewer and encourage productive workflow. And house guests, of course, get to be impressed with the atmosphere of mystery that the artwork would add to the space.   

Konstantin Skoptsov can count many prominent people among his admirers. Those, who do not accept limits for themselves, or look at the world or art through the prescribed lenses. People, who are used to impress and value the unique, one of a kind items. Among them we can name Elena Allyarova, the world champion in bodybuilding, Oleg Zhur, also a multiple times world champion in bodybuilding, multiple world record holder in pole vaulting Sergei Bubka, President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, and an honorary Consul of France Gennadi Chizhikov, President of the Kiev institute of modern Psychology and Psychotherapy Mikchail Pustovoit, as well as one of the wealthiest Ukrainian businessmen and the president of the board of directors of “TEKT” group of companies – Vadim Grib. Those and many other representatives of the sport, science and business elite find inspiration and motivation in philosophical art by Konstantin Skoptsov.  

Intellectual and successful people value the art by Konstantin Skoptsov.

To get more information about the artist and join the exclusive group of the owners of Konstantin Skoptsov’s artworks please visit his website Looking through the pieces and attempting to “decode” the symbols you will be sure to find a uniquely “yours” artwork. And after it finds its place in your home or office space it will be sure to become a token of good luck.

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