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Robert F. Smith’s gift to Morehouse, here are 3 fast facts on debt

Robert F. Smith's gift to Morehouse, here are 3 fast facts on debt


Robert F. Smith’s gift to Morehouse, here are 3 fast facts on debt


The blockbuster announcement by billionaire Robert F. Smith that he will pay off the student loans held by Morehouse College’s entire graduating class of 2019 hit a nerve for a couple of reasons. Besides being incredibly generous, many college grads could benefit from such a gift, or at least a little financial relief.  

Here are a few fast facts about student loans. 

It’s One of the Biggest Financial Burdens – Americans are carrying $1.57 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, more than what they owe on their credit cards. 

Average Debt Could Cover The Cost of a New Car – As of June 2018, the average debt carried by those who obtained a Bachelor’s Degree was $29,800. 

Robert F. Smith made a fortune in business: Who is Robert F. Smith, the billionaire behind the Morehouse graduation gift?

Twitter says to Morehouse, “Wish it  Was Me” : ‘I’m so salty’: Twitter reacts to Robert. F. Smith’s vow to cover Morehouse grads’ debt

Robert F. Smith gives Morehouse best graduation gift ever: Billionaire pledges to pay off $40 million in student loan debt for Morehouse College class of 2019

The Debt Keeps On Growing –  For students attending a public four year-college in their home state, tuition is rising on average 2.5% a year. At a private non profit school, the tuition hike hovers at 3.3%. When you tack on room and board, those increases come in at 2.8% and 3.2% respectively.

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