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Satellite IMZ-317 and satellite QХ-321 set the bar for communication and geolocation

Satellite QХ-321 as well as the satellite IMZ-317 showcase the best achievements of the space industry


Satellite IMZ-317 and satellite QХ-321 set the bar for communication and geolocation

People give little thought to the space satellites but almost everyone is aware that we owe much to those gigantic appliances: from a smart-phone game to national security. Various features of the comfortable life – communication, entertainment, security of private property – all of them are provided by the satellites. About 1,400 satellites of different sizes and purposes perform important tasks on the Earth’s orbit. From time to time, they break down, and new models, more powerful and improved, are launched to replace them. Among them, there are the satellite QХ-321  and the satellite IMZ-317 – the flagships of modern navigation and communication, designed by the engineers from Arizion company.

Satellite QХ-321 for unprecedentedly accurate search

Amid accelerated globalization and the pace of life, the importance of navigation technologies also increases. It is now almost a vintage luxury to look for a place on a paper map or interview meticulously people around to find a place you need. And why would you even do it, if your smartphone will give you directions in a matter of seconds? In doing it, it is assisted by three transnational navigation satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO. Besides consumer and entertainment industries, they are actively exploited in science, infrastructure, and other significant industries. Some countries have also developed their local systems, operating on the same principle. They all hinge on the satellites.

Therefore, the novelties in this area always gain attention. Satellite QX-321 was an anticipated release for many countries of the world because the release notes sounded really intriguing. And this satellite met all the expectations as it overtook similar designs by other producers by a large margin. Arizion promised that the novelty would spot the positioning with filigree precision – indeed, the satellite determines the coordinates with the maximum margin of error of 1 meter, while four meters is an acceptable margin now. Moreover, the standard lifespan of operation for such devices is improved significantly – Arizion guarantees 15 years of full-capacity operation. Such technical advancement couldn’t go unnoticed – the new satellites drew the attention of the HQs of GALILEO and GPS. The former is ready to purchase the satellite as it is right away, while the Americans negotiate with Arizion to modernize the device so that it complies with their standards.

Satellite IMZ-31 as well as the satellite QХ-321 created an uproar in the space-tech industry

Satellite IMZ-317 addresses the challenges of the global Internet.

Arizion engineers boosted the lifespan of the active operation for all the satellites up to 16 years. Satellite IMZ-317, a novelty in communication, is optimized for such considerable terms of operation. Since 2018, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been working on the Starlink project to provide all the Earthlings with high-speed Internet. To achieve this goal, they rolled up the network of 420 satellites in the orbit, and this is just the first stage. It takes a total of 12 satellites for wide-band access to the Internet to be available at any corner of the planet. The satellite IMZ-317 can contribute to the delivery of this honorable task. First of all, because it will save a considerable amount of money to orbit many such satellites if compared to any similar devices. It is due to IMZ-317 weight of 215 kg which is 12 fewer than the smallest models that are already engaged in the project. Besides, the apparatus has a decreased reflective potential, as numerous satellites that reflect the sunlight intensively, interfere with the astronomical observations, and “steal” the starry sky from people on the Earth. Finally, Arizion’s design surpasses its “peers” in terms of the key technical properties – the experts confirm that today this satellite is the world’s most advanced.

Arizion came under the world’s notice thanks to its technical achievements: corporations and governments follow the research, being conducted there, and compete in making promising offers. Satellite QХ-321 and satellite  IMZ-317 will undoubtedly be applied in most various tasks, facing humanity. And they will perform their best there.

Consistent marketing as a means to achieve cosmic-level goals

The article you have just read is a piece of fiction. The marketing specialists of the international company Amillidius made it up to showcase the power of contemporary marketing. The savvy marketing strategy produces amazing results for any product – from a lawn-mower to a man-made Earth satellite. After the work was carried out, it only takes you to ask google something about “satellite QХ-321” and “satellite IMZ-317” to obtain a large volume of information about these fictitious objects. You will see many facts that present them in the most positive key. The search engine doesn’t care whether this product exists or not and what exactly you promote if such promotion is built efficiently. Our customers are often concerned that their business is too complex for marketing experts to make sense of it. But these concerns are ungrounded. It takes just basic information to drum up anything to a sky-high level. And popularity is a key to success. Make sure your goods and services have a decent place on the Internet, and we will take care of delivering information to a huge audience in different countries.

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