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Singer Marie Smirnova – an artist with a bright future

Singer Marie Smirnova - an artist with a bright future


Singer Marie Smirnova – an artist with a bright future

Marie Smirnova is a young Ukrainian neo-generation singer, the project of a socialite, Masha’s lyricist, music video director, and producer Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina.


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Singer Marie Smirnova is a winner of numerous vocal competitions both in her native Ukraine and Europe. Judges, influential show-biz representatives, and people of culture predict Marie’s success in the international arena. After meeting producer Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina, Marie Smirnova’s career skyrocketed. At this stage of creative development, Marie Smirnova can boast of four Ukrainian-English tracks, which have already been rotated on the radio stations, a music video for the “Believe” song with tens of thousands of views on YouTube, and recording the first album, which is scheduled for release in late 2020.

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A presentation of Marie Smirnove’s project and the singer’s first music video was held on July 22 in South Palmyra. A similar event will be held in the capital soon, but even brighter and on a bigger scale. Our editorial board got interested in Marie’s biography and contacted her producer to learn about the rising star’s plans and achievements.

Marie Smirnova: childhood, hobbies, and achievements

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Marie Smirnova has always sung everywhere and always. And did it very well. Masha’s parents did not leave their daughter’s talents unnoticed and brought her to Mariya Zeybel-Spivak, a vocal teacher. The tutor taught Marie vocals, the performing arts, and artistry in front of the audience.

Along with the development of vocal abilities, Marie Smirnova has been attending dance classes, horseback riding, boxing, and other sports since childhood. The girl pays special attention to education with a tendency to learning foreign languages.

Together with Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina and sound producer Dmitriy Nikolov, Marie Smirnova has recorded 4 songs in Ukrainian and English, has filmed a music video for the “Believe” track, and is preparing to release her first album.

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The “Believe” video is a motivating story about faith in yourself, your abilities, and all the best in this world. The video was shot in Oleg and Julia Dementievs’ “Eskadron” equestrian club in the context of Marie’s special affection to horses. The filming partners were ZARINA jewelry house and the Ukrainian-Georgian MariGe clothing brand.

Neo-generation singer Marie Smirnova is a very kind girl and seems to empathize with the whole world. Masha often takes part in charity events and thinks about opening her charity fund when she gets older.

Marie Smirnova has recently become the cover face of the Fostylen gloss by Elvira Gavrilova; she is an ambassador of ZARINA and London Faberge, whose official representative in Ukraine a jewelry house is. Marie plans to record her first album and go international.

Our editorial staff sincerely wishes success to the young singer and will follow her work with interest.

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