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Starbucks’ color-changing cups are selling out: where to find one

Starbucks' color-changing cups are selling out: where to find one


Starbucks’ color-changing cups are selling out: where to find one


From glittery unicorn Frappuccinos to matcha pink drinks, there’s no question that Starbucks likes to colorize your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Now, to become more eco-friendly, the coffee chain is introducing colorful reusable tumblers that can brighten up any cold beverage.

This week, Starbucks quietly released a five-pack of reusable cups that change color when you fill them with an iced drink. The ombré colored cups are available at Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada, and they’ve reportedly already sold out in some locations.

The cups hold 24 ounces of liquid and a set will run you $16.95, according to Newsweek.


The five color options and how they transform with cold liquid:

  • Rose: light pink to coral red
  • Citron: yellow to emerald green
  • Sky: light blue to cobalt blue
  • Apricot: light orange to tangerine
  • Arctic: teal to raspberry pink

Several people on Twitter are saying the cups already sold out in their areas.

“ALL I WANT IS STARBUCKS COLOR CHANGING CUPS! Why is Indianapolis entire district sold out,” writes Twitter user @spunkyredhead98.

“I’ve been looking for the @Starbucks coloring changing cups all night and everywhere is sold out,” writes Twitter user @JulianneHerlan. 

USA TODAY reached out to Starbucks to find out about restocking. 

“A word of advice,” writes Twitter user @TTGotThemCurls. “Start calling your Starbucks before you waste your gas! Most of the ones in my city were sold out.”

To see where the nearest Starbucks is located, you can search “Starbucks Near Me” on Google or check for locations the Starbucks Store Locator.

People who managed to get their hands on the hue-changing cups have already started customizing them and reselling them on websites like Etsy and eBay. 

The cups are selling for $60 on the e-commerce website Mercari.

The Seattle-based chain is also celebrating summer by bringing back three old favorites – the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino, the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino and the Frosted Doughnut Cake Pop (vanilla cake dipped in a chocolaty coating shaped into a mini doughnut topped with sprinkles).

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