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The best things to buy during Madewell’s big summer sale

The best things to buy during Madewell's big summer sale


The best things to buy during Madewell’s big summer sale

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I’m gonna let you guys in on a little secret: the best sale of the week isn’t happening at Nordstrom. It’s not at Anthropologie, either. And to be totally honest, I’m not entirely convinced it was happening on Prime Day (not for fashion lovers anyway). 

Nope, in my humble opinion, the best sale of this week is the one that’s been slipping under everyone’s radar the whole time, but my goodness, is it glorious. It’s the Madewell Very Rare sale, where you can get an extra 40% off all sale items in-stores and online now through Thursday, July 25 by using the code “VERYRARE” at checkout.

Pinch me, because I might have just died and gone to heaven. 

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Madewell is one of the most beloved brands out there right now among fashionistas since they make stylish yet affordable apparel that’s flattering on a wide range of body types. They almost never run sales, and when I say never, I mean it. That’s why so many of us here at Reviewed got excited about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, since some Madewell products—specifically their denim jeans and select tote bags—were finally going to be available at a discount.

Now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the general public, you’ll notice that most of our Madewell favorites are long gone by now. The reason? Everyone with early access to the sale snatched them up while the getting was good. But here’s where the tables turn: thanks to this Madewell Very Rare sale, you can stock up on all the denim jeans, tote bags, and cute jackets your heart desires—and for cheaper than what they were actually going for at Nordstrom. Plus, if you sign up for Madewell Insider access (it’s free and unlike Nordstrom, you don’t need to get a credit card to qualify), you can get free shipping on every order.

Trust me, this sale is unbelievably good, and while everyone is fighting over scraps at Nordstrom this weekend, this is the event you really won’t want to miss. Here are 10 of my personal favorites that you can still grab if you head to the site now.

1. The Abroad tote bag

Look, anyone who’s into bags knows that Madewell totes are where it’s at. When this sale first kicked off, I treated myself (hey, it’s my birthday next week) to The Medium Transport Tote in Bright Marigold, and while that bag isn’t on sale anymore, there are several great ones to choose from, including the Abroad Tote. This is one of Madewell’s most popular totes and while I can’t vouch for it personally, I love its timeless shape and the many color options available right now. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my deep love of mustard-colored accessories, this is definitely the bag I would have chosen for myself.

Get the Abroad Tote bag for $107.70 (Save $90.03)

2. Madewell jeans

The hype surrounding Madewell jeans is so real. I spent years lusting after them before I finally gave in and grabbed a pair, and they’re a total game-changer. They wear really well and (personally speaking) always make me feel like my butt looks great. Unfortunately since I’m not made of money, I only have the one, but this sale feels like as good a time as any to grab another pair or two while I can at such a low price. I’ve got my eye on the 9-inch button fronts because I love the wash, but the 10-inch button fronts get rave reviews, too. Decisions, decisions.

  • Get the 9-Inch Mid-Rise Skinny Crop Jeans in Asbury Wash: Button-Front Edition for $53.99 (Save $81.01)
  • Get the 10-Inch High-Rise Skinny Crop Jeans: Button-Front TENCEL™ Denim Edition for $53.99 (Save $81.01)
  • Get the Slim Wide-Leg Jeans in Tile White: Patch Pocket Edition for $53.99 (Save $74.01)

3. These versatile tank tops

It’s summer. You’re sweaty, I’m sweaty. Heck, I think even my cat is sweaty (which means I should probably just give in and get her a lion cut already). But I digress. Tank tops can literally be the difference between enjoying the heat and feeling like a puddle of slush every day. Plus, I know we don’t want to talk about it, but pit stains are real, ladies, and nobody wants them if they can avoid it. Do yourself a favor and stock up on tanks instead. 

  • Get the Audio Knot-Front Tank Top for $14.99 (Save $20.01)
  • Get the Texture & Thread Wrap-Tie Tank Top for $17.70 (Save $27.30)

4. These ankle-strap sandals

The fact that I can get anything from Madewell for under $20 is kind of blowing my mind right now. That I can get these cute sandals that normally cost almost $60 for so little feels almost too good to be true. I already have these sandals in black and I adore them. They’re surprisingly comfortable and don’t have much of a breaking-in period to speak of. These are on final sale, which means you can’t return them, but c’mon, at under $20, that’s a gamble well worth taking.

Get the Boardwalk Ankle-Strap sandal for $17.99 (Save $41.50)

5. A better denim jacket

My denim jacket is disgusting. To be fair, that’s because it’s old as the hills and covered in patches, so washing it can sometimes be a hassle. Still, I appreciate the look of a nice virgin denim jacket. Whether you’re looking for a future battle jacket of your own to stay on trend or you just want a light jacket for the fall season, this boxy-crop pick from Madewell looks cute as hell, and it’s almost half off its usual retail price of $128. Do it up. 

Get the Boxy-Crop Jean Jacket in Fitzgerald Wash for $69.00 (Save $59)

6. This adorable rainbow clutch

Guys, I’m kind of mad. Earlier this week when this sale was just 30% off select discount items, I bought the clutch version of this thinking I’d gotten the jump on everyone else and scored it while it was at its lowest price ever. Welp, I was wrong. But my loss is your gain, since you can get this too-cute rainbow striped clutch (or wallet) for 40% off its usual price. There are still a handful of them left in each variety, and at under $30 and $20, respectively, you just can’t beat this kind of deal on genuine leather.

  • Get the The Leather Pouch Wallet: Rainbow Striped Edition for $17.99 (Save $16.51)
  • Get The Leather Pouch Clutch: Rainbow Striped Edition for $26.99 (Save $27.51)

7. A breezy summer dress 

Pants in the summer? Yeah, no thanks. Even though I’m over here preaching about how great Madewell denim is (because it is), the truth is, I’m only buying it for the fall. Dresses and skirts are pretty much the only things I want to wear when the temperature goes up, and they’ve got a massive selection of breezy, soft-looking dresses on sale during this event. Some, like the side-tie dress, are in my cart as we speak. I especially love how easy they’ll be to transition from office to night wear.

  • Get the Texture & Thread Side-Tie Dress for $35.99 (Save $52.01)
  • Get the Texture & Thread Tiered-Sleeve Dress for $41.10 (Save $43.90)
  • Get the Side-Button Easy Dress for $47.99 (Save $70.01)

8. These airy cotton t-shirts

Only $6. That’s how much Madewell’s ultra-stylish and durable v-neck t-shirts are going for right now. Only $6 frickin’ bucks. I’m not surprised to see that the color options are starting to dwindle—after all, why wouldn’t you grab a few just to have them? You’re saving almost $14 a shirt. That’s why I’ve included a few other picks—like the Whisper Cotton Ringer tee and Lo-Fi Shrunken tee—since they’re all under $15 and they’re just one of those essentials you’ll never regret having around.

  • Get the Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee for $5.99 (Save $13.51)
  • Get the Whisper Cotton Ringer Tee in Stripe for $8.99-10.19 (Save $14.31-$15.50)
  • Get the Lo-Fi Shrunken Tee in Stamford Stripe for $11.99 (Save $20.01)

9. These classic collared work shirts

A few years ago, I went through a bit of an Annie Hall phase. Basically, I just wanted to wear collared shirts, trousers, and ties wherever I could. Then someone called me Avril Lavigne and I felt so utterly crushed that I vowed to never wear ties again, but my appreciation of a good collared blouse stands. When it’s hot, drapey ones like these are a total joy, since they’ll keep you looking profesh but are also really light and airy, so you won’t feel suffocated and itching to take it off at the end of the day like you might with some other classic collared shirts. If you’re trying to pull off your own modern-day Annie Hall look, these shirts can help you get there. Because Avril Lavigne? Pfft

  • Get the Short-Sleeve Tie-Front Shirt in Eyelet White for $33.00 (Save $32.00)
  • Get the Central Drapey Shirt in Fairborn Stripe for $35.99 (Save $49.01)
  • Get the Central Shirt in Bright Indigo for $39.00 (Save $30.50)

10. This button-wrap romper 

Is there anything flirtier than a little romper like this in the summer? Throw on a pair of lo-tops and grab a little crossbody and you’re going to stun in the most effortless, casual way possible. This romper is popular with Madewell shoppers and gets a personal shout-out from my coworker Courtney. I wouldn’t exactly recommend it for office wear, but this is great for whatever weekend plans you had in mind. 

Get the Denim Button-Wrap Romper for $53.99 (Save $74.01)

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Prices are accurate at the time this article was published, but may change over time.

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