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Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets are back, thanks to Chance the Rapper

Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets are back, thanks to Chance the Rapper


Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets are back, thanks to Chance the Rapper


Wendy’s spicy chicken nugget fans, the stars have aligned – and you can thank Chance the Rapper.

Spicy chicken nuggets are returning to the Wendy’s menu Aug. 19 after fans offered up 2 million likes and over 410,000 retweets to bring back the iconic menu item after a two-year absence.

It started when Chance the Rapper tweeted on May 4 “Positive Affirmations for today: I Will have a good day, I Will succeed today, Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today.”

Wendy’s retweeted Chance just three hours later, promising that “the people in charge” would return the nuggets if the tweet could reach 2 million likes.

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In less than 48 hours, the spicy chicken’s fate was sealed.

Wendy’s Twitter account teased the return June 24 with a discreet “Let’s hang” and an attached link to a Google calendar invite for Aug. 19 that read:

“Hey, just wanted to send a lunch invite out to everyone. Was looking at the calendar and this seemed like it was probably the best date. Figured it would be a good chance for a couple million of us to get together. Just thought we’d throw a little nugget out there and see who wanted to hang. You’re gonna want to keep this on the schedule. :)”

Later that day, Wendy’s tweeted a photo of spicy chicken nuggets aligning in a shape similar to the Big Dipper constellation. 

The official Aug. 19 return date for the spicy chicken nuggets was announced June 25.

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