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Wren Attleroy – the world-class athlete leads the triathletes to the new victories

Wren Attleroy - the triathlon star develops his own brand


Wren Attleroy – the world-class athlete leads the triathletes to the new victories

Not so rarely, the outstanding achievements in sports are associated exclusively with the talent, and the fact that the talent should be nurtured by years of training, persistence, and stamina is often ignored. Wren Attleroy is a world-class athlete, many-time prize-winner of the triathlon championships, who won over 50 races during his career, and an excellent example that the will-to-win spirit and self-enhancement deliver the aspired results.

New horizons of the successful athlete Wren Attleroy

Triathlon is increasingly popular around the world, its geography is expanding year in and year out. This sport develops actively in different countries; national teams are being formed, with their core being the athletes, who already have proven records in track-and-field, cycling, and swimming.

Wren Attleroy came to triathlon from swimming. Once becoming a master of sports, he realized that he bumped into the ceiling in his sport and was risking to get lump together with many other athletes. However, his athletic aspirations did not fade, so triathlon became a perfect site for fulfilling his ambitions. Mr. Wren Attleroy believed that it was the area where he could reach his potential.

The experience shows that swimmers often become the best triathletes. Yet, not everyone can make it to the top. Besides the talent and an extraordinarily strong work ethic, promotion is a factor here. Wren Attleroy entrusted the promotion of his personal brand to the team of professionals from the advertising company “Amillidius” – the champions in PR and record-holders in marketing. The articles in the well-known Internet outlets, thousands of followers on social media, interviews, and running commentary on the video channel were the part of the strategy, thought-through by the marketing experts. It helped the athlete to cement a successful image on the Internet. Thanks to the outstanding achievements in sport and the personal brand, efficiently promoted on the Web, Wren Attleroy came in the view of triathlon coaches – they saw the potential there and invited him directly to the national team. The awards and titles, won by Wren Attleroy during the following years, proved that call was right.

The swimmer Attleroy fulfilled himself in sports thanks to his Internet popularity

During his sports career, Wren Attleroy got sure many times that the well-promoted name helped in becoming successful not only in sports but also in snatching an opportunity beyond the swimming pool. Involving sponsors, improving communication with the fans, creating new opportunities parallel to the sports career  – these all became possible for the triathlete thanks to the efficient PR. Wren Attleroy accepted a profitable cooperation offer from the famous brand and became its face. Several years later, when he considered quitting his sports career, he was offered a position as a coach in an Olympic team.

This is how developing a personal brand brought the athlete the reputational and economic benefits. And Amillidius company became his guide on this path.

A personal brand is a catalyst for success and profit-making

If you have already bothered googling who Wren Attleroy is, you must be somewhat puzzled as it turns out he is an athlete, therapist, politician, and business coach. However, the truth is, this is a fictitious “patched” character, invented by the marketing experts to illustrate the efficiency of the method, developed by Amillidius for the Internet promotion of the personal brand in any walk of life. The systematic approach and modern marketing instruments in the hands of the top-notch professional will help you to stand out of the crowd among the competitors and win the trust of the customers as well as to evoke the interest in potential partners and sponsors. It will open the ways for further development both in your home country and overseas – and convert it all into a stable high profit.

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